Our Story

Beto Hernandez is the owner of Left Handed Threads... and yes... he's left handed.

Beto is originally from San Diego, CA and was a Graphic and Web Design Specialist before the days of Left Handed Threads. One day in 2012 walking around Seaport Village in San Diego, he had an idea to launch an apparel brand about left handers. Fast forward a few years to August 2016, after relocating to El Paso, Texas; Left Handed Threads was officially launched. With over 15 years experience in design and marketing, he stepped out in faith not knowing if this idea would work and began to design the artwork that would eventually end up on t-shirts to sell. He built the website, printed some marketing material, and we launched. We set up shop at different local events and markets and quickly learned people loved our designs, especially the left handers we have had the privilege to meet. We also learned that right handers loved our designs but it didn't apply to them, so we launched the El Paso Collection on top of the Left Handed Collection so at least the righties can wear something from our brand and be able to rep their city.

We began with black t-shirts only. Why? We did the research about lefties. Turns out back in the day, being left handed wasn't cool as it is today. It was looked as "sinister" or having the "Mano del Diablo" (Hand of the Devil)... wowzers right? So with that in mind, when we came up with design and color options, we decided to initially print on black t-shirts because of the color relation to being dark or "sinister". But don't worry! We offer various colors online for those who don't like black t-shirts. We hope you enjoy our website. Once again, thank you, and welcome to the Left Handed Threads family!

Left Handed Threads Team

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